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Brocklebank's SS Malakand 11

Brocklebank's SS Malakand 11

SS Malakand 11 in 1934. Photograph from the collection of Jo Dashwood-Howard who was on her serving as 4th Mate between June and October of that year.
She was loading 250 lb and 500 lb bombs in Huskisson Dock ,Liverpool from May 1st to 4th 1940 when the six day 'May Blitz' began. The ship caught fire and although the crew and Liverpool Fire Brigade fought valiantly to put out the fires she blew up at 7.30 on the morning of 4th May. Parts of the ship were later to be found half a mile away from the docks. damage to the dock was so severe that the dock was filled in with bomb site rubble and never used again. Presumeably the remains of Malakand are still there under the concrete.
Thanks to Douglas Dashwood-Howard for permission to post this image from his late father's collection.
Copyright D Dashwood-Howard
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