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Brocklebank's SS Mandagala

Brocklebank's SS Mandagala

Brocklebank’s SS Mandagala was an American built Victory ship having been completed in April 1945 at the Bethlehem-Fairfield Shipyard Inc, Baltimore as an all electric welded construction with 2 water-tube boilers driving a single screw via 2 stage steam turbines. She was named Stamford Victory for the US War Shipping Administration. The design incorporated a long and high forecastle which gave better sea riding properties than the similar ‘Liberty’ ships.
In 1946 she was on charter to M.O.W.T. and managed by Furness Withy who acquired her 2 years later and renamed her British Prince.
In 1957 she was chartered by Thos. and Jno. Brocklebank for 2 years and renamed Mandagala. Her hull retained the Prince Line grey colour but her funnel carried the Brocklebank blue and white on a black base.
After being returned by Brocklebank she was sold in 1960 to Orient Mid-East Great Lakes Services Inc, Piraeus and renamed Orient Trader. On 21 July 1965 while discharging a general cargo at Toronto she caught fire and while still alight she was towed out and beached on Ward Island and allowed to burn out. As a total loss she was re-floated in August and sold in December to Marine Salvage Ltd., Port Colborne with a view to rebuilding. This proved to be unviable so in June 1966 she was sold for scrap and arrived in Valencia on July 7th for breaking.

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