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Brocklebank's SS Mandasor 111

Brocklebank's SS Mandasor 111

Built in 1944 as a typical wartime EMPIRE ship by William Gray and Co., West Hartlepool.
In August 1944 she was delivered to Ministry of War Transport as EMPIRE MALACCA and managed by Thos. and Jno. Brocklebank who acquired her in 1946 as a War Loss Replacement and renamed her MANDASOR.
In 1962 she was sold to Tsavliris (Hellenic) Maritime Co.,Greece and renamed FOTINI TSAVLIRIS. The following year under the same ownership she was renamed FREE TRADER and operated by Pancristo Shipping Co.,Beirut.
She was transferred to the Cyprus flag in 1967 still under the same ownership but within one year was owned by Free Trader Shipping Co.
On 16 September 1970 on route Brunsbuttel to Antwerp she grounded 4 miles off Terschelling Lighthouse. She was refloated and taken to Amsterdam and then towed to Piraeus for repair.
She was sold to Clare Shipping Ltd., Famagusta, Cyprus and finally on May 1st (my birthday) 1971, she arrived at Derince, Turkey and was broken up.
She led a full life and was either a good workhorse, hence all the different operators, or was a bit of a pig that nobody wanted for too long.
This photograph was taken in the Mersey as she is being attended by the tug Wallersey.

Photograph belongs to Stuart Smith.
Photographer unknown.

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A very good phot of the old girl. I served on her as senior apprentice in 57. One trip but an interesting one. A big change from Masirah. She was a happy ship, skipper was a bit dour, had a problem with noise so whistle was only used if absoloultly necessary. We called a Barry (S Wales) outward bound for military stores for Aden. The pratice on leaving was for the tugs to give three long blasts as a fairwell once cast off. we were expect to respond in similar vein. The Pilot had to make it very clear to the Old Man that it was bad form not to reply. We did but with bad grace. As it was also my home port I was blamed, not helped as family were on the pilot boat waving madly, he hardly spoke to me after that. i did not loose too much sleep over the incident. On another occaision we were at anchor off Chittagong one afternoon with the engineers on deck by #4 when the engine started up. A splendid steam reciprocating machine with a mind of its own. made the 4th Eng move a bit quick.

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