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The Brotherhood of Seamen by Arthur.J.W.Burgess.

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Arthur James Wetherall Burgess, 1979-1957, Australian born painter who did a lot of warship paintings. I have a book on Alexander Stephens, the shipbuilders, illustrated with a lot of his warships. All with warm short "speckle" brush-strokes with an overall reddish violet tinge.
This painting belongs to the collection of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich and shows the Glengyle picking up survivors.
Glengyle (V) was built by Caledon Shipbuilding and Engineering Co. Ltd of Dundee for the Glen Line of Liverpool. In October 1939, prior to her completion, she was requisitioned by the Royal Navy and converted into a naval supply ship as H.M.S. Glengyle. In March 1948, after re-conversion was completed, she was delivered back to Glen Line and later that year entered the Glen Line's Far East Service. In June 1971 she arrived in Kaohsiung in Taiwan for breaking up.
If it is meant to be a real incident, one has to ask what ship they were survivors from? Particularly as the ship is in peacetime colours, and then in a time when survivors in a lifeboat were not that common.Regards, Stein.

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