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Emanuele Accame

A four-masted steel barque built in 1891 by the Continental Lead & Iron Company Ltd., Pertusola, Italy, for Fratelli Accame fu E, Genoa. Her dimensions were 82,92×12,34×7,62 meters [289'0"×40'5"×25'3"] and tonnage 2142 GRT, 1843 NRT and 3000 DWT.
Launched at the Continental Lead & Iron Company Ltd., Pertusola (La Spezia), Italy, for Fratelli Accame fu E, Genoa.
1912 July
Sold to Skibs A/S Grimstad (Marcussen, Jørgensen & Co.), Grimstad, Norway, and was renamed Ferm.
1916 January
Sold to Risør Seilskibs Co. A/S (Alex. Prebensen), Risør.
1916 July 10
Sold to Rederi AB Sydatlanten, Stockholm, for SEK 680.000 and renamed Elsa Olander. Her first Swedish master was Captain Carl Petter Mattsson.
1917 December
Sold to Rederi AB Mimosa (Harald Schüssler), Stockholm.
1920 June 8
Transferred to Rederi AB Svenska Lloyd, Gothenburg, and renamed Svecia. After having sailed to Gothenburg, where she was to be re-built as a sail training ship, she was laid up.
1922 June
Sold for SEK 60.000 to Rederi AB Portunus (Alex. Pedersen), Gothenburg, and renamed C.B. Pedersen. The master was the legendary Captain Jean Hjalmar Dahlström.
At the retirement of Captain Dahlström his place was taken by Captain Harald Olof Bruce.
1937 April 25
Run down and sunk by the Elders & Fyffes steamer Chagres of Glasgow SW of the Azores at position 35°36' N and 35°41' W. The master of the Chagres died of a heart attach at the accident.

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I thought that you had forgotten to mention her name when launched: Emanuele Accame. And, well, it is not mentioned in the text beneath the photo, but I now see it is in the list of keywords.

Emanuele, btw., is a male name in italy, and the name of the shipowner. He was born in Pietra Ligure in 1806, where he died in 1891, and became a prominent owner of wooden sailing vessels, and from 1889 on a fleet of steel sailing ships. Besides the Emanuele Accame, there was the Battinin Accame, and the Antioco Accame, all built at Pertusola, and the Caterina Accame, a product of the Cantiere Navale Ansaldo at Sestri Ponente.

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Thanks Stein, but see first line in description.

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Yes, and it has been there all the time? I must have become older and blinder than I am able to perceive through these smudgy glasses... Anyway, she is very light here, something that detracts from her good looks - a sailing ship generaly looks the best when down to her marks.

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