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still **** and span towards the end , around 1992/3

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Was that taken from Australia Square tower?. If so, the building to the side is new from when I took the same shot of same ship in 1971/72.


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Pompeyfan , I think (?) it was from a hotel but I can't remember which one I'm afraid .......I think I've really posted the wrong photo ,and will post a better one this afternoon showing much more of the srrounds ... would do it now but I've loaded 6 within the last 24 hours , cheers , Neil

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Great photo, I have had some very memorable views of Canberra over her career, from her launch day in Belfast to her final departure from Brisbane in 97 from Fishermans Island when I was on the opposite bank on Luggage Point at the closest point that I could to get her, in those days it was mostly swampy as it was on that day and I ruined a good pair of shoes.
But I will for ever remember a day in early 90's when I was again working away from home. (always a problem for me)
Driving from the Eastern Surburbs of Sydney and entering the Cahill ExpressWay at Wooloomooloo and continuing up the hill with the city on my left thinking "beautifull" and 'I'd like to see Canberra at the quay today" not having seen her for about 10 years, getting towards the crest seeing only tall buildings and sky, suddenly over the crest and on the flat above the railway station and there she was in full sideview at the quay!
I can only tell the truth of how I felt just then irrespective of possible censorship, I felt that which one only feels with that close intimacy of sexual relations with your chosen person of the opposite sex.
Oh what a ship.
PS Liked your photo of Canberra too Neil.

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