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Cape Corso Havana 1952

Cape Corso Havana 1952

Discharging a Leyland bus.
What would Health and Safety have to say about the block behind the winch-driver's head?

Could Jack ashore be any closer to the delights of Havana? Read the name on the building!

In case you can't make it out it's "Cuba Distilling Company"

Can anyone say why winch steam pipes and the fire hose pipes were always on the port side?

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Are you sure that's a Leyland bus ? It looks more like IKEA... now, where's that Allen key ? Actually there was a term for vehicles exported like this; wasn't it PKD ( Partially Knocked Down ) or something similar ?

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Ah the good old days when H&S was unheard of. Actually I dont think you can apply modern H&S morals to these old photos. In those days men were men and wimps wore safety gear. Thats why they call it "ships nostalgia". These are the kind of pictures I like to see.
Re the rum factory, did anyone watch the TV series "Cane"?

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