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The immigrant ship CAPTAIN COOK at Wellington during the 1950's. In 1951 she was taken over as the EMPIRE BRENT by the NZ Gov, and renamed CAPTAIN COOK . She then underwent an extensive refit to enable her to carry 1,088 passengers. though now owned by the NZ Gov, she was manged by Donaldson Bros.

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Hello Emmanuel.

What a remarkable photo!
I've never seen a colour shot of the CAPTAIN COOK before, thank you for sharing it! :)

Best regards from Lisbon,
Paulo Mestre

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Hello Emmanuel,
Nice photo of her.
My brother just recently died Dec.08
Sailed in her for five years, when she was the Empire Brent, stayed with her at refit and came out as the Captain Cook, it was never the same ship once renamed, fights and trouble onboard most of the time. The master Captain Cook did not drink, very strict etc, this did not go down well. My brother done one and a half trips, he skinned out in N.Zealand. got a job in a bar, changed name etc. till one day 18 months later the local police came to where he was working, asked if he was j.c norrie he new the game was up. Done 6 weeks in jail there, deported back to the u.k. then went to Australia, lived there the rest of his life.
I imagine that my brother was on there when that photo was taken.
A pity I never spotted your photo before, I would loved to have sent it to him.
I shall send it to his family.

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