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[U]CATHERINE - IMO : 5619703 [/U]
Built 1961, by Whites Shipyard, Southampton (Yard # ??) as CATHERINE
GRT : 214 / DWT : ??
Overall Length : 33.2 metres x Beam 8.4 metres.
Machinery : 1 Voith Schneider cycloidal screw driven by a Lister Blackstone 4stroke single acting 6 cylinder oil engine
Speed : 9 knots

Catherine was the first of three sister vessels.
In 1976 this statutory service which was operated by British Railways was no longer viable and the High Court refused permission to close it, but the following year a compromise was reached when permission was granted to replace the vessel with a smaller one. The vessel's passenger certificate was suspended in 1984 and she was withdrawn from service. She was sold in 1990 to Open Leisure Ltd and converted in North Shields to a sternwheeler and renamed Catherine Wheel for River Tyne excursion work.

CATHERINE photographed on 20 August 1978 on River Thames at Tilbury Landing Stage[/B]

[I]Ship Details : Miramar - May 2020 / Wikipeda [/I]

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The 'sternwheel' was a dummy and only turned in the wake produced by her single VS prop. It was removed when she became River Escapes "Latis" still doing Tyne cruises.
Not sure of continued existence. Does anyone happen to know?

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