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Chiefs Ticket

Chiefs Ticket

An image of my certificate as 1st engineman.

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In response to "Highlander's" comments on the earlier posting of my fathers"Chiefs Ticket" I have submitted my own.
Again, it is on linen and if memory serves cost 7/6.
This was quite a lot less than the 2nd Engineman's ticket which was £1
or thereabouts.
The 2nds ticket was taken away after success at the 1st Engineman's exam.
These exams. consisted of oral questions and answers only.
Two examiners were involved at the offices of the insurance company.
Each of the examples shown were given a Folio and page No.
In the case of my father's ticket this was Folio 6 and No.81 (not shown on the image)
In my case it was Folio 8 and No. 170.
I'm not certain, but this could have been one of the last Steam Tickets issued.
Both "Tickets have a perforation along the lefthand side, so I presume the counterfoils would remain in the keep of the Insurance Co.
My Ticket does not show the name of the secretary due to size capabilities of my scanner (Do***ent size is exactly 300mmx250mm )
His name was William (Bill) Taylor (Senior Insurance Surveyor) J(John)E.Burrel was his second in command at that time.
Thanks to Highlander for showing an interest.
Best Regards
David S Todd

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You are more than welcome. David, Its always interesting to see how certificates were once made and issued.I never knew that Certificates were even made of Linen, a definate Historical keepsake in your possesion.

Best wishes,


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