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Cibeles Milfor Haven?

Cibeles Milfor Haven?

Cibeles from somewhere called Milfor Haven!!
At Marin, Galicia, NW Spain 30th October 2006.
Bad spelling of quota buster?

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Yup yet another "flag of convenience" quota and job stealer i'm afraid.

Here's the info on her

Built as the Grietje E52 in 1970 in Urk Holland
Sold and renamed Orion Star E52 at some point then sold to Spanish interests and reregistered as Cibeles M1107

She's 106ftx25ftx12ft and a bottom gill netter.

The photo David Linke has of her would suggest she's either an old sidetrawler or beam trawler.

Unfortunately the EU over-ruled the UK government in the late 1980's early 1990's ( yeah go figure the Torries actually wanted to do something FOR our fishermen !!!!!!! ) when ALL of these flag ships were struck from the UK register. We were forced to re-instate all of the flag ships AND pay them compensation.

The worst of this is that there was a flag trawler caught with 3x the UK's NATIONAL yearly quota of a deepwater shark and the UK HAS to "compensate" Spain by giving up our quota for next year !!! It was a flaming Spaniard that did it and yet our fishermen are being blamed AGAIN.

Sorry i'll get off my soap box , its just that i've seen the small mesh nets , the hidden fish holds , the total ignoring of the minimum size's on fish ( they keep everything , throw nothing back and make no attempt to stick to the discard reduction rules ) and the total arrogance of catching far far to much fish over quota and the Spanish government doing NOTHING about it. And now the EU wants the Spanish to be the organising state for ALL EU fisheries protection !!!!!!! Good bye ALL fish if that happens.


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She did used to be a beamer Davie. She came to the UK in 1984 after being bought by Ladram Bay Trawlers near Exmouth. She fished mainly from Brixham & was eventually sold on within the port.
Her career as a "proper" UK boat came to an end in the early nineties after her crew was busted for drug smuggling. From what I understand the drugs were dumped on the seabed at pre-arranged locations & then trawled up by the Orion Star & brought into Newlyn.
She looks very different nowadays.

BTW. I wholeheatedly agree with your sentiments about EU fishing policy (Thumb)

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CIBELES (M1107)(IMO 8035958) (ex Orion Star-99, Orion-87, Alja-82, Grietje) is currently owned by Sabarigo-Mar SL, Pontavedra, Spain AND Unit 1, Havens Head Business Park, The Docks, Milford.

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