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city of colombo

city of colombo

inwards thru ice on St Lawrence , 1976

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a weird erie experience going thru the iceflows especially when foggy also when in engineroom ,hearing the ice slushing past on the hull ,

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If I am not mistaken I was 2nd mate at the time of this photo having made 2.5 complete trips. After discharging in Canada we took the ship north-about to South Shields (where I finally signed off, but after the D/D ! & 14 months total) to repair the hull's corrugated/concertina condition and the bent prop tips from Mason Price (Owner's Cdn Rep) insisting we try to break free out of the ice alongside, the winter before in Cornerbrook. If you scan though the photos, there is a photo of the Colombo arr'g at Shields with her pterodactyl's footprint funnel.

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