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Ellerman's CITY OF HARVARD of 1908, ex GIESSEN of North German Lloyd. Built by Bremer Vulkan, Vegesack. GRT 6583. Scrapped 1934.

The Giessen was built for the East Asia and South America service. Her sister ships were (a.o.) the Coburg, Gotha, Prince Waldemar and Prince Sigismund. The ship had a funnel, two masts and a speed of 12 Kn. On board could accommodate 18 2nd class and 1724 intermediate deck passengers.
On December 4, 1907, the Giessen was launched and delivered on January 28, 1908. Then she started on her maiden voyage from Bremerhaven to La Plata.
In August 1914, the Giessen was laid up in Bremerhaven due to the First World War. On September 16, 1917 she was put into service as Transporter No. 16 of the Imperial Navy at the Oesel company. On November 19, the ship returned to the NDL.
From February 1918 to May 1918, the ship served as a transport and residential ship.
On March 30, 1919, Giessen was handed over to the Shipping Controller in London. Then she was managed by Lamport & Holt.
In 1921 the ship was managed by Ellerman & Bucknall SS Co. and renamed City of Harvard.
In January 1934 the ex-Giessen came to Italy for scrapping.

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I think she deserves a (humble) place in the esteemed gallery of 'passenger liners'. She was passenger /cargo steamer with extensive accommodation in steerage. For NDL as "Giessen" she ran a migrant service Bremen, Antwerp, Boulogne, Coruna, Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro, Montevideo, Buenos Aires and the extant passenger lists are lengthy. When seized following WW2 she was employed as a troopship.( returning over 1000 troops to Wellington, NZ) . Ellerman Bucknall employed her passenger capacity on their Liverpool-Bombay/Karachi route (though at 12 knots advertising it as a 'Fast Passenger Service' might be an exaggeration). Ellermans would have cut down the passenger numbers on their routes, but as can be seen in the photo there are a number of boats visible and who are all those people on the promenade deck?

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