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Clock Ex Herzogin Cecilie

Clock Ex Herzogin Cecilie

My late uncle a Captain with D P L ( Dundee Perth& London company .) gave me this clock which is made from a spar of the vessel. I understand it was a German Cadet Ship wrecked 25 th April 1936 Bolt Head Devon. I wonder if any of our sailing ship sleyths have any more information .

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Derek, you are a lucky man to own that clock mounted on a piece of a spar from the HERZOGIN CECILIE, she was perhaps one of the finest of the last great comm ercial sailing vessels.

A four-masted barque, she was built for North German Lloyd as a training ship in 1902, she fell into French hands during WW1 and was later acquired by the Finn (Aland Islander) Gustaf Erikson, who at that time was about the only man who could operate sailing ships and cover his costs.

She was a fine sailer recording some fast passages. She was however unfortunately stranded in Soar Mill Cove in Devon in the early hours of 25th April 1936. During unsuccessful salvage attempts she was later moved to Starhole Bay just outside of Salcombe, where she was broken up. Look after that clock Derek.
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Thanks Tony ;
I have found out a lot about her on the net. She was indeed Fast ! In 1931 between Skagens Rev (Skaw Reef ) lightship & Laeso Trindel lightship ( 26 Naut miles ) she averaged 20 .75 knots . Patent log recorded 19.75 knots ( must have had a wee bit of current ?)
There is also a fine oil painting of her in the Totteridge Gallery in Colchester Essex .
Couple of books also one in 58 and a more recent in 91.
I now have to to some research on the Marco Polo built in Saint John New Brunswick ( near where I live ) and the " Bluenose from Nova Scotia both of which were very fast . See if we can find the fastest saiship ??? Im sure someone has researched this one already .


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