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[U] CLYDENES - IMO : 7636066 [/U]
Built 1977, by Scotts' Shipbuilders, Greenock, UK (Yard # 748) as CLYDENES
GRT : 2351 / DWT : 3564
Overall Length : 87.0 metres x Beam 13.8 metres.
Machinery : 1 Screw driven by a A.P.E. Allen 4 stroke single acting 12 cylinder vee oil engine
Speed : 12.5 knots


3,900 Posts
CLYDENES Jebsen Clydenes class - Bulk carrier with four 12-ton derricks.
As built: 2,351g. 1,414n. 3,564d. 87.03 x 13.75 x 5.65 metres oa.
Post 1990: 1,582g. 837n. 3,564d.
Post 1996: 2,430g. 1,452n. 3,564d.
12-cyl. 4 S.C.S.A. (325 x 370mm) Allen 12VS37-F vee type by A. P. E. Allen Ltd., Bedford, reverse reduction geared to shaft. 2,700bhp. 12.5 kts.
14.10.1976: Ordered by Jebsens (UK) Ltd. from Ferguson Brothers (Port Glasgow) Ltd., Port Glasgow (Yard No. 475).
Work subcontracted to Scotts Shipbuilding Company Ltd., Greenock (Yard No. 748).
28.1.1977: Keel laid.
30.9.1977: Launched for H. Clarkson & Company Ltd., London.
29.12.1977: Completed for Scandinavian Leasing Ltd., (Jebsens (UK) Ltd., managers), London. (O.N. 377477).
1982: Transferred to Massoel SA, (Acomarit Maritime Services SA, managers), Switzerland, and renamed SARINE. (O.N. 116).
1990: Sold to Kytheraiku Marine Company Ltd., Cyprus, and renamed GEORGIOS XII.
1991: Sold to Sealpha Shipping Ltd., (Kytheraiku Marine Company Ltd., Athens, managers), Cyprus. (O.N. 708977).
1999: Sold to Golden Post Marine Ltd., Athens, (same managers), under Panama flag. (O.N. 27242-00)
2003: Renamed GEORGIOS X. II.
4.2005: Sold to Halk Finansal (Kermatrans International, Istanbul, managers), Turkey, and renamed YILDIRIM K, under Turkey flag.
9.2011: To Moldova flag.
11.6.2012: Delivered to Kursun Gemi Sokum Ltd, for demolition at Aliaga

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