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Colonial (III) / Planter

Colonial (III) / Planter


A typical Liberty ship from the yard of the Permanente Metals Corporation, Richmond, California and launched as Frank D Phinney on 22 July 1943.
She went on bareboat charter to the MOWT and was completed as Samovar with T and J Brocklebank as managers. She reverted to the US flag in April 1947 and immediately sold to British and Burmese Steam navigation Co. Ltd. and renamed Kansi.
She was purchased by T and J Harrison Line during March 1949 and renamed Colonial, as shown in this photograph. In 1961 she was renamed Planter, as the name Colonial was deemed to be un-PC.
In 1962 she was sold to India and renamed Gargi Jayanti. At that time the Jayanti Shipping Co. Ltd. manned their ships with English officers and Indian crew. An incident when an engineer officer struck one of the seamen almost caused a mutiny. The crew refused to work for their English officers, who left the ship and holed up in a nearby hotel in Rotterdam. She was towed off her berth and the British Consul was contacted to mediate. The feud was sorted out only when 5 officers and 2 seamen had been replaced.
In 1967 she was sold to Pent Ocean Steamships Private Ltd., Bombay and renamed Samudra Jyoti.
1971 saw her sold to Indian Metal Traders Ltd., India for scrapping and she arrived at Bombay in February 1972 for demolition.

Photograph belongs to Stuart Smith.
Photographer unknown.

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