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Columbus VN 650

Columbus VN 650

Columbus of Vestmanna, Built in Dieppe, France, in 1961 as a longliner (in a series of 6), later converted to trawling.
After a long inactive period, Columbus and the sister, name?, ar restarting the fishing as pair-trawlers. Seen in Tórshavn 28.03.2009.

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Must have been a busy day for the spotters. 3 ships in a row.

These where the 7 from AC de la Manche in Dieppe, France.
1962, ANNA T, TG 99, T.F. Thomsen, Tvøroyri.
1961, COLUMBUS, FD 593, D.P. Højgaard, Toftir.
1961, GUDMUNDUR, TG 1, N.J. Mortensen, Tvøroyri
1961, HAVØRNIN, FD 298, Peter Weihe, Søldarfjørdur
1961, NORNAGESTUR, TN132, Thorvald Andreasen, Tórshavn
1963, RANAFOSSUR, TG 139, p/f "Samvinna", Tvøroyri
1962, REYNSATINDUR, VA 27, Zacharias Nielsen, Sandavágur

Rolf Guttesen
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They have an impressive age, 48 yrs. Some of them still active.
Could you tell us where, when they ended?
The last in the series, Ranafossur, was the only one with bulb-stem. Ex names
Ranafossur-Sjúrdarklettur-Skansatangi-Bergunn-Túgvusteinur (name today)

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