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Condor Arrow and NYK Lyra

Condor Arrow and NYK Lyra

At the port of Lirquén, Chile.

September 14, 2012

IMO Nº: 9552886

Class: DNV
Class Notation: 1A1 General Cargo Carrier HC-M E0 HA(+) IB-1 HOLDS(3,5,7)MAY BE EMPTY TMON
Ex Names:
Ex Flags:
Type of ship: General Cargo
Call Sign: 3FHY3
Flag: Panama
Port of Register: Panama
Managers: TEMM Maritime Co. Ltd.
Owners: Glory Ocean Shipping SA

Container’s capacity: 270 TEUS
Cargo handling: Cranes 4 x 40 tons

DWT: 61.860
GRT: 37.046 NRT: 18.298

LOA: 200,00 Mts. Lpp: 196,00 Mts. B: 32,25 Mts. D: 19,22 Mts.
Freeboard: mm. Draught: 13,50 Mts.

Ship’s Yard: Oshima Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. Hull Nº: 10.627
Date ordered: 30 November 2007 Build start: Keel laid: 14 May 2010 Date of launch: 30 November 2011
Date of delivery: 9 February 2012

Main Engine

Manufacturer: B&W Diesel Ship’s service speed: 14,00 Knots Engine number of cylinders: 6
Engine power: 9.960 kW Engine stroke: 500 mm

NYK Lyra

IMO Nº: 9229336

Class: LR
Type of ship: Container Ship
Call Sign: HOFL
Flag: Panama
Port of Register: Panama
Managers: NYK Shipmanagement Pte., Ltd.
Owners: Lyra Maritima

Container’s capacity: 6.178 TEUS
Cargo handling: Gearless

DWT: 77.950
GRT: 75201 NRT: 28.409

LOA: 299,80 Mts. Lpp: 285,00 Mts. B: 40,06 Mts. D: 24,30 Mts.
Freeboard: 11.300,00 mm. Draught: 14,02 Mts.

Ship’s Yard: Samsung Shipbuilding & Heavy Industries Hull Nº: 1370
Date ordered: 29 February 2000 Build start: 1 April 2002 Build end: 18 July 2002 Date of delivery: 8 July 2002

Main Engine

Manufacturer: Doosan Ship’s service speed: 25,00 Knots Engine number of cylinders: 12
Engine power: 62.593 kW Engine stroke: 960 mm
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