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Cristoforo Colombo

Cristoforo Colombo

Cristoforo Colombo
Built 1954 for the Italia Soc. Per Azioni de Nav.
27090 grt
680 X 88 feet with a draft of 33.4 feet
Speed 23 knots, twin screw turbine
Sold & renamed Great Seas
Sister to the Andrea Doria, but the Cristiforo Colombo had a water tight door that her sister reportedly needed but did not have.

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I'm sorry to point it up but the phrase
"Sister to the Andrea Doria, but the Cristoforo Colombo had a water tight door that her sister reportedly needed but did not have."
is a WRONG statement.
From the structural point of view they were quite twins and all the watertight doors had exactly the same arrangement on both ships and they correspond to the watertight bulkheads dividing the ships into the watertight compartments. This is clearly seen when one looks at the GA Plans of the two ships which were exactly the same from this point of view. The famous "missing" watertight door on the Andrea Doria, just to remind the polemics after the wreck, was "missing", so to say, also on the Cristoforo Colombo as it would have corresponded to no water tight bulkhead in both ships and never a watertight door was added to the "Colombo" until her end for scrapping. The "myth" of the "missing watertight door" on the "Andrea Doria" was a big nonsense spread out by the American Press which had absolutely no technical foundation.

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