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Dar Pomorza

Dar Pomorza

Built 1903 Loa 93,0m.

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An odd combination: the anchors ready to drop and the upper yards missing. The nets under the bowsprit and jibboom are prominent; some say they were pointless as men were not dragged down from the bowsprit, but rather pushed up from it; whatever,- all schoolship's got them.

She was built as Prinzess Eitel Friedrich by Blohm & Voss, Hamburg for the German schoolship Association in 1909. She's a full rigged ship with single topgallants, of 1561grt and 91m. Like so many others she had to be handed to the to the victors after WW1, this one went to the French by way of England. They renamed her Colbert, but did not find any use for her, and she was laid up until she in 1926 was sold to a baron named De Forrest for use as a yacht. Perhaps some difficulty in finding a crew put an end to whatever plans he had for her, for in 1929 he sold her to the Polish Government for use by the State Nautical College in Gdynia. They named her first Pomorza, and later Dar Pomorza (Gift of Pommerania). During the second big war she sheltered in neutral Swedish waters, and could immediately resume duty as a schoolship when it was over. In 1981 she was retired, and she now serves as a museum-ship in Gdynia. Regards, Stein.

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