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DESSAU  of 1958 / 1968

DESSAU of 1958 / 1968

MV DESSAU was built in 1958 as the tanker MT LEUNA-II at Leningrad for the DSR-LINES
In 1968 the vessel was rebuilt to an ore-carrier at the shipyard of Rijeka (Yugoslavia) and was delivered 25/6/1968 back to the DSR-LINES
Same day the vessel was renamed to MV DESSAU
MV DESSAU was used for transports of iron ore cancentrates, metal plates and metal coils from the USSR ports to Rostock mainly
1/1/1970 the vessel was transferred to VEB DEUTFRACHT, INTERNATIONAL CHARTERING AND SHIPOWNING COMPANY Rostock / Berlin
1/1/1974 MV DESSAU was transferred back to the DSR-LINES
BU 16/1/1986 at Naantali, Finland
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