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We were driving into Southampton yesterday and could see the top of a cruise ship, I believe it was the Oceana. My wife asked why it had so much yellow scaffolding on it. I glanced over and told her that its the in thing now to have funnels that look half completed. The more I look at ships like the Diamond Princess the more I think they look as though certain aspects were designed by H.R Giger. Its the weird bio-mechanical look, very industrial with a few organic curves thrown in here and there. Oakley, the sunglasses/sportswear company do something very similar. Now, is it ugly? HELL YEAH! Do I like it?....Yes!

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Is that a jet engine on the starboard side of the funnel for auxiliary power??

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It is a style feature on both sides of the funnel casing to indicate to the environmental fundamentalists in Alaska that she is gas turbine powered and therefore acceptable. Within the funnel casing is a single General Electric LM2500+ driving a 31,250 kVA alternator. This is supplemented by two 11,440 kVA and two 10,190 kVA alternators driven by Wartsila 9 and 8 cylinder diesels with low smoke, NOx and SOx emissions.
This plant provides the electrical power needed to drive two 20,000 kVA propulsion motors and the hotel load. She is also fitted to take shore supply electricity from a Princess provided power source in port in Alaska.


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