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Dominion Monarch

Dominion Monarch

Shaw Savill Lines big Motor Vessel Dominion Monarch is shown arriving in Southampton following her return to service after trooping duties in World War 2. Despite her passing in November of 1962, she remains the largest all first class passenger cargo liner ever built. She was known as the Dominio

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That looks like Southampton - tug at her stern looks to be the tug/tender Gatcombe (built 1960), so presumably this was taken 1960-62. Perhaps on her final voyage to Seattle?

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Under the old Shipping Conference rules, if a ship had only one class of accommodation the owners were required to call it First Class. This did not mean that all the accommodation was especially spacious or grand.

Pre WW2 Quadruple screw motor liners were quite common. Others included: -

Aorangi (1924) – Union SS Co of New Zealand
Augustus (1927) – Navigazione Generale Italiana
Bermuda (1927) – Furness Withy
Asama Maru (1929) – NYK
Tatsuta Maru (1930) – NYK
Reina del Pacifico (1931) – PSNC
Victoria (1931) - Lloyd Triestino
Neptunia (1932) – Cosulich
Oceania (1933) – Cosulich

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The "anchor ball" is the suspended forward navigation light. (as there is no mainmast).

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I believe this is DM arriving Southampton, not departing. Thetug at her stern isthe Red FunnelLine'stug/tender GATCOMBE as James said. Departing Southampton the tugs tend to turn the vessel and point her in the right direction and then cast off. With the Queens and some other large liners they might keep a couple of tugs fast forward for a little ways but the stern tug would be lond gone.

Also note... the ship is deeply laden indicating a full load of freezer cargo from NZ and also she is flying Quarantine flag next to her pilot flag.

The DM definitely was 'first class'. Her appointments were quite splendid.


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