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The gaff schooners EDITH and JUTTA were identical twins, built by AG Neptun, Rostock, in 1923. Specifications:
66 GRT
Displacement ca. 80 t
Length: 25.5 m.
Breadth: 5.75 m
Depth: 3.05 m
Sail surface: 350 m²
Engine: 1 Diesel aux. engine 35 HP

EDITH came in 1923 as a yacht under the name ANNELIESE (owner: Dir. Petersen) in operation; she belonged to the 1926 DH. "Hansa" (Deutscher Hochseesportverband 'Hansa'), now with the name EDITH.
In 1932, the vessel was taken over by the Sailors Association of the Imperial Navy as a replacement for the NIOBE. The return was already at the end of the year.
In 1939, the yacht came again to the Navy and was subordinated to the Inspection of Education of the Navy.
From May 1, 1940, the naval officer training in Stralsund was operated on it.
On October 6, 1944, the EDITH was heavily damaged by bombs in the ferry channel of Stralsund, in May 1945 at the ton 17, east of Stralsund, scuttled.
Lifted on December 5, 1946, a restoration was planned as a cruise ship for the Soviet Union. However, as the wreck proved to be completely unsuitable for this purpose, it became a material barge named 4-PT-555. This was used in the salvage operations of the former passenger ship HAMBURG, which were carried out in 1950.
The yacht finally ended by demolition, after she had previously served as a driving fire Hulk in the fairway at Saßnitz.

JUTTA was a sister boat of the EDITH and under the hull number 389 of the AG. Neptun was built in Rostock.
In 1923 she came as a yacht RUTH for her owner, a Dir. Reppel, in operation. In 1926 she changed, now under the name "JUTTA", to DH. Hansa and 1933 to the sailing association of the Reichsmarine as a replacement for the NIOBE.
1934 was the return. In 1939 she was again taken over by the Navy and subordinated to the Inspection of Education of the German Navy. From May 1, 1940, she was considered a sail training ship. Her fate is only partially known, but in 1948 she was sold in Hamburg by the trustee DH "Hansa".

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