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Eleni V.

Eleni V.

1958: Built as SCOTTISH PTARMIGAN for the Scottish Tanker Co. - by John Brown, Clydebank.
Tonnage: Ca. 18.300 dwt.
1968: MARKAB.
1970: ELENI V. ( N J Vardinoyannis Co. ).
In 1978 on a passage from Rotterdam to Grangemouth the tanker collided - during a fog in the North Sea with a French bulk carrier. ELENI V. thereby was cut in two.
The forepart rolled over and drifted off - later to be recovered by the Royal Navy and to be blown up. The aftpart was towed to Rotterdam by five Dutch tugs to discharge her oil cargo in Europoort.
The accident which had no casualties among the crew caused major oil pollution of the coasts of Suffolk and Norfolk.
Later the aftpart of ELENI V. was towed to Santander, Spain to be broken up there.

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Hi the forward part was salvaged by utc Hull and then blown up i was in charge of the clean up on the beaches of the coast of yarmouth and all along theat area Captian D Peaces was salvage master and Capt T Oakley was on the land side. sam

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Thanks very much Sam - for your additional information.
The spilled cargo of heavy fuel from ELENI V, I think, caused one of the worst cases of marine pollution to hit the British coast since the TORREY CANYON disaster in 1967.

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The collision with the Rosaline ocurred about 4 or 5 miles off Lowestoft, cargo was heavy fuel oil, although only a small ship -12,000 tons or so and about 4 or 5,000 tons was spilled - made a hell of a mess

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I was in the old Lowestoft college.....Herring score when they blew up the forward section which had been grounded off the coast . Think it was John Knights who said "you won't hear much"
Nearly took the windows out!!!!!!

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