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Enugu Palm

Enugu Palm

think this was our youngest crew member on the Enugu in 72,never ate a lot and only had the odd drink.A model seaman.

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It always seems like a good idea at the time, giving beer to a monkey. What a mess one monkey can make in a cabin.

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very true about giving him drink,was in the bar i think he had a couple of cans of tennants,went mad wrecking everything that moved,we all got out and left him to it.when he flacked out we went in,looked like a bomb had hit it,he was teetotal after that,and did he have a hangover, very quiet for a couple of days,the sad thing about this was the bosun sold him in Las Palmas on the way home, for a couple of hand made shirts and trousers,(the bastard.)think he thought he was after his job.

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