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Essex Gisbourne Breakwater

Essex Gisbourne Breakwater

Bosun Angus Macmillan inspecting damage to Essex after collision with breakwater,Gisborne 1971.
As John Evans reminds me ,Big "I" Ian Rutherford was the mate. John Evans was on the focsle head for stations. Big "I" yells at us "Hang on, we're gonna hit the breakwater!".John Crowther was on the wheel. I remember him telling us all he walked off the deckboard when the skipper started to haul the wheel hard a port even tho John told him she's already hard over. That ginger headed third mate, I forget his name, had forgotten to turn on the port engine steering motor, just the starboard one so she couldn't respond to port. He got the sack. remember him? Always wore his Texaco uniform to piss the old man off. Great guy. had a poster of Che Guevarra on his cabin bulkhead. And that old deaf chippie, man. What a duffer he was!
Picture Courtesy Gisborne Herald 1971
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