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Est Ferry

Est Ferry

Name. Viire, ex Difko Korsor.
Type. Ro-Ro Car/ Ferry.
Built. 1988 NESL, GBR.
Eng. 10 ***mins /-/ 2750 KW.
Flag. EST.
Speed. 12.7 Knots.
Length. 95.8.
Beam. 15.
Pax. 469.
Cars. 140.

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This is one of the Superflex ferries built on the Wear in Sunderland which began the death knoll for the builders, a complete travesty caused by the people who ordered the ferries then started to complain about the specifications to try and get out of the deal, the British government at the time did nothing to help the builders.(Cloud)
Regards, Steve.

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Suggest that these dreadful vessels were the final nail in the coffin for Sunderland Shipbuilders. The yards had been on the slippery slope to oblivion long before these vessels were ordered.

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They sailed a long time on the Vognmandsruten between Korsør and Nyborg with big sucses. Also between Kalundborg and Juelsminde. Between Gedser and Rostock in Germany. Between Copenhagen and Landskrona in Sweden. Now we have 2 left. They are sailing between Helsingør and Helsingborg in Sweden.
They are ferryboat with out luxury an board. Theres a cafe and a supermarket. But they have sailed all the year with out any trouble.
There 2 cardeck, with nearly the same capacity. They have the engines placed in containers on deck 2. The good thing are. If they have engine problems. They removed the container with problems, and replaced it with a new one.
I can only see one bad thing, with the ships. In winter time, with ice. They have problem with the small engine. They where very populary in Denmark.
Best regards
Torben, Copenhagen.

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