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European Seaway

European Seaway

Leaving Dover 18.06.2007

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There were three of this class built as mainly RoRo HGV carriers between Dover and Zeebrugge. One of similar size was built as the Pride of Burgundy. Two of the others have now been converted to passenger ferries Pride of Kent and the other name escapes me.
The European Seaway now operates between Dover and Calais as a truck carrier.

They were powered by four Turboblown Sulzer diesels driving through two clutch/gearboxes to twin shafts driving shaft generators and CCP propellors.
There was a twin tiller configuration that could be coupled or used individually.
If these were used individually in opposition like airbrakes the ship would come to a halt very rapidly. It would be a brave or desperate master to try this at any sort of speed!
These rudders were driven by a vane in cylinder system not the more usuall piston in ram.
They had two bowthrusters constant speed CCP controlled.
One of them has a C-Tec system fitted to control all the power and steering requirements in an attempt to make full use of automation to make fuel economies.
This controlled the power requirements of the main engines to the ETA and modified the steering response by sophiscated feedback and integral control.
Sadly this did not really get a fair crack of the whip and was not used on a regular basis.
They very rarely ran fully loaded and the advent of the tunnel made them more carriers of salt water across the channel as ballast rather than what they were designed for.
The passenger and crew accomodation was of very high class and they were very smooth ships in service.

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