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ex British India + ex Ellerman

ex British India + ex Ellerman

These 2 ships appear as a small part of a photo taken in Dalian in 1974
( from Stephen Kentwell's collection)
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The ex British India ship is almost certainly ex CHANDPARA of 1949 which was sold to Jebshun of Hong kong in 10.70 and renamed PRECIOUS RUBY. Under this name she grounded on 28.3.71 near Dalian and sustained damage which was deemed to be beyond economical repair. She was sold to breakers in Dalian in 10.71 but is seen here in Dalian in 1974. The plain black funnel suggests that she was put in service by the Chinese in domestic trade. The apparently grey hull is a puzzle, however, since these ships normally had black hulls. No name is visible.

Behind her and almost completely hidden is an ex Ellerman ship, almost certainly the ex 1949 built CITY OF LIVERPOOL that arrived at Shanghai in 2.73 for breaking whilst called KAVO GROSSOS.

Her all black funnel again suggests that she was working on Chinese domestic services.

The Chinese names for both of these ships is not know.

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I'm virtually certainly that the ex BI is the ex CHANDPARA. I've been through the histories of all the C class and CHANDPARA and CHANTALA were the only ones to end up in Chinese hands. CHANTALA only arrived at Tietsin for scrapping (as KOTA SENTOSA) in August 1974 so it is highly unlikely to be her. There are other detail reasons as well. The P&O Cs COROMANDEL and CANNONORE could be easily be identified by their lack of bridge wing cabs. My main question is whether the Chinese ever traded her and if so under what name

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