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ex RNLB Sarah Ann Austin

ex RNLB Sarah Ann Austin

Lying in a boat yard near Gt. Yarmouth.

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Good to see her again Neil. Well remembered at Blackpool in my childhood. Her most famous rescue was on 26 Nov 1939 when she was launched on service to the Liverpool Pilot Cutter, CHARLES LIVINGSTONE stranded on Ainsdale Beach. Due to confusion as to the position of the CHARLES LINGSTONE and the fact that the HMTrawler GAUL was aground on Foul Naze (attended by the DUNLEARY) in the Ribble estuary, six lifeboats were eventually launched, New Brighton No.2 EDMUND & MARY ROBINSON; Rhyl, GORDON WARREN; Hoylake OLDHAM; New Brighton No.1 WILLIAM & KATE JOHNSTON; Lytham St Anne's, DUNLEARY (Cox John James 'Mons' Parkinson) and Blackpool SARAH ANN AUSTEN (Cox William Reuben Parr). The DUNLEARY was with great difficulty put alongside the CHARLES LIVINGSTONE but the crew refused to embark and as she was bottoming, Cox Parkinson stood off. At 2.00pm after a very difficult passage from Squires Gate, Cox Parr put the SARAH JANE AUSTEN alongside and took off the remaining six men, landing them in the surf on the Ainsdale beach. Running for home across the Ribble estuary with the DUNLEARY in company the SARAH ANN AUSTEN was thrown on her beam ends and Jack Gerrard and the 2nd Mech, Frank Cornell were thrown out of the boat. Cox Parr skillfully brought the boat round and both were recovered. RNLI Silver Medals were awarded to Coxs Parkinson and Parr and Bronze Medals to the two Mechanics - George "Ginger" Harrison and Thomas Rimmer. The story of the stranding of the CHARLES LIVINGSTONE was the subect of an article in Sea Breezes magazine Nov 1992 and much correspondence was exchanged as a result and we did get near to the truth at the end.

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cheers for that info, Gil.
they were beautiful little boats, and very stable in rough weather.
I was told this morning by Quinton Nelson that a member of Blackpool lifeboat is trying to save the old Blackpool pulling and sailing boat Samuel Fletcher which used to be used as a pleasure criuser on Stanley Park lake.
It was housed in the old boat house but that has been given for use by a children's group and the boat is standing on the hard under a tarpaulin
If any one wants to save her from being scrapped, and THAT IS ALMOST INEVITABLE, now is your chance.
I am going to look at her with the contact in the next few days so will post some pics of her.
she needs a saviour. unfortunately, I'm not rich enough.

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