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Farid F

Farid F

The sheep or cattle carrier Farid F in Fremantle, Australia, on 30 March 2003.

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'Farid F'
Blt Drammen 1972 as reefer 'Lapland'.
1976 - 'Kungsham'
1978 - 'Sijilmassa'
1990 - 'Bolivar Trader'
1994 - 'Farid F'. Converted to Livestock carrier.
2006 - 'Torrens'
As 'Farid F' she was detained on many arrivals in Australia by the maritime authorities due to her poor general condition.(see - scroll down page).
Shame to see a great 'Clipper' class vessel reduced to this level.


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Dear exsailor, you are perfectly correct and thank you for pointing out my error. This vessel is, in fact, "Farid F". I could not read the name on the photo and I failed to make a note of it at the time of taking the photo as I passed the ship in Fremantle while I was on board a ferry going to Rottnest Island. I will endeavour to get a super moderator to change the name on the photo. Thank you also for the detailed information about the vessel. She seemed in a state of disrepair. Cheers! Walter Pless

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