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I think these are the vessel details

As built 499g. 253n. 1,005d. 194'2" x 35'0" x 11'11"
Post 1995: 925g. 474n. 1,021d. 4.040 metres draught.
8-cyl. 2 S.C.S.A. (260 x 400mm) oil engine made by Alpha Diesel A/S., Frederikshavn, geared to a controllable pitch propeller. 12 kts. 800bhp.
Geared, general cargo vessel.
27.10.1967: Keel laid as MERC JYTTE by Frederikshavn Vaerft & Tordok A/S., Frederikshavn (Yard No. 278), for Bente Waagensen, Denmark.
15.12.1967: Launched by Jytte Heerfordt.
16.2.1968: Sea Trials.
20.2.1968: Completed for Mercandia Chartering, (Per S. Henriksen, manager), Denmark.
3.8.1970: Transferred to Rederi K/S.Bewa VI, (Bewa Line A/S, managers), Denmark, and renamed JYTTE BEWA.
12.6.1973: Sold to Rederi K/S.Karelli Coast, Denmark, and renamed KARELLI COAST.
1974: Sold to P.Burnstein & Ulf Silfverhjolm, Denmark, and renamed PEP MIQUELLON.
1979: Owners restyled as Partenrederi Miquellon, and renamed MIQUELLON.
1981: Sold to Ulf Richard Silfverhjolm, Denmark.
1982: Sold to Stefan Trybom A/S., Denmark, and renamed BIRGIT T.
1983: Sold to Gotlandsk Marin Konsult Service H/B., and renamed PRINCE OF GOTLAND.
1987: Sold to Allbac AB, Sweden, and renamed MIQUELON.
1990: Sold to Egon Baand Severinsen, (Chr.Jensen, Soeborg og Benthin's Eftf. A/S (CJ Shipping), managers), Denmark (DIS), and renamed LONE BAAND. (O.N. D-1 3354).
1997: LR deleted owner and managers.
1999: LR re-instates Egon Baand Severinsen.
2000: Sold to Baand Aps., Denmark
19.5.2008: Sold to H. O. Poulsen, and renamed FAXBORG.

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