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Federal Lakes

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This ship and the sister ship Federal Seaway (ex Laurentian Forrest )are argueably the worst design ships of all time. They are currently laid up the the U.S. Ready Reserve fleet as the Cape Lobos and Cape Lambert Avoid these ships unless you're starving. Horrible. I was 2nd A/E on the Cape Lambert for 2 years, quit and went to SeaLand for a 30% pay raise !

During Desert Storm these ships were crewed up all painted NAVY grey with their Cape names. They got over there in the Arabian Sea with those itty bitty jacket water and lube oil coolers designed for the ship's original Baltic and Canadian newsprint hauling special built 12 year charters and they have serious overheating problems unless run slow. Ice hull, V-18 Pielsticks, Ruston diesel generators...need I say more ?

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