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[U] FJALLFOSS - IMO : 7358652 [/U]
Built 1974, by Danyard - Frederikshavn, Denmark (Yard # 349) as MERCANDIAN TRANSPORTER
GRT : 1599/ DWT : 2999 (gt 1861)
Overall Length : 78.5 metres x Beam 13.1 metres.
Machinery : 1 Screw driven by a ?? ? stroke single acting ? cylinder oil engine
Speed : 13.0

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FJALLFOSS (3) (1978 - 1983)
Ice strengthened, geared, general cargo vessel with a container capacity of 34 TEU.
As built: 1,600g. 998n. 3,099d. 78.52(BB) x 13.09 x 5.671 metres.
Post 1994: 1,861g. 1,069n. 3,097d.
As built: 16-cyl. 4 S.C.S.A. (225 x 300mm) 16V23HU vee type oil engine by Alpha Diesel AS., Frederikshavn, geared to a controllable pitch propeller. 2,160bhp. 13 kts.
Post 1998: 9-cyl. 4 S.C.S.A. (240 x 280mm) MWM type engine by Motorenwerke Mannheim AG (MWM), Mannheim. 1,875bhp.
1.4.1974: Keel laid as MERCANDIAN TRANSPORTER by Frederikshavn Vaerft AS., Frederikshavn (Yard No. 349), for Per Henriksen, Denmark. 14.5.1974: Launched Mrs Georgsen.
20.8.1974: Trials.
27.8.1974: Completed.
21.9.1977: Sold to H/F Islands Eimskipafelag, (The Iceland Steamship Company Ltd.), Iceland, and renamed FJALLFOSS.
1983: Sold to Irisola Shipping Company S.A., Panama, and renamed SANDRA K.
1984: Renamed PICO DO FUNCHO, and Befrachtungskontor W. Baum & Company, Nordenham, appointed as managers.
1989: Sold to Sang Thai Maritime 1988 Company Ltd., Thailand, and renamed SANG THAI HONOR.
1994: LR added container capacity of 74 TEU.
1997: Sold to unspecified owners and renamed SLIC EVO.
1998: Sold to Ocean Executive Shipping Inc, (Executive Ship management Pte. Ltd, managers), re-engined and renamed OCEAN EXECUTIVE under Panama registry.
2000: Sold to unspecified owners, and renamed AL KATHEERIA II under Oman registry.
2003: Sold to Ridha M.R. Al Shekargy & Sadik Khalefer Said, and renamed AL NOOR under North Korea registry.
2004: Renamed GHAZAL.
2005: Sold to Dune Maritime Corp, and renamed GHAZAL I under Panama registry.
2006: Sold to A Saidi & Partner / Ghazal BA and renamed FATHEH AL RAHMAN, under Sierra Leone flag.
2007: Sold to Ghazal BA, Wonsan, N. Korea, retaining Sierra Leone registry.
Pre-2009: Sold to Ayad Aldeen / GZAL, Dubai and renamed TABARK, under Sierra Leone flag.
7.2014: To Tanzania (Zanzibar) flag.
7.5.2019: Arrived at Alang for demolition by Saumil Impex Pvt Ltd

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