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Fleet review 1870 - 1880 era

Fleet review 1870 - 1880 era

Wasn't really sure which category this should go in, but since they all appear to have some form of masts and rigging, I opted for sailing ships.
A glass slide I came by and cleaned up a little. No idea where abouts it was taken. Not sure of the date, but it may well be pre 1900.

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I would agree with Tomvart; almost certainly the Victorian era.
Queen Victoria held 17 Fleet Reviews during her reign, the last two being in 1897 and 1899. The next two Reviews were held in 1909 and 1912 which is possibly too late for this picture given the amount of masts and rigging on the ships.
A great bit of nostalgia doncontrols, and coincidentally, Vegaskip has only just posted some artwork in the 'Maritime Art' gallery which has some ships of this ilk in it. Well worth popping over there to have a look.
regards, Donald

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Could be 1870's. Most ships fully rigged. Smaller ship in centre with two masts resembles 'ironclad ram' HMS "Hotspur" of 1871.

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