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FNS De Grasse C610

FNS De Grasse C610

At Portsmouth c.1970
I know nothing about this ship, just that I assume it is French and had a re-fuelling mishap or leak!

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The pennant number under all that oil, is in fact C610 Jaigee, and she is De Grasse as lypf017 states in his post.
She was laid down as a conventional light cruiser in 1938, but WW2 interupted construction. She was duly launched in 1946 but construction was again suspended whilst the French Navy debated their future requirements. It was eventually decided to complete her as an anti-aircraft cruiser and construction resumed in January 1951. There was a further delay in 1954 when she sank after an attempt to float her out of drydock with her sea-cocks open. (oops!)
De Grasse was eventually commissioned in 1956, 18 years after being laid down. She was equiped as a command ship and it was decided in 1966 to adapt her as flagship for the French Pacific atomic tests programme. She was fitted with the huge lattice signal mast seen in the photo. (That is part of the ship, not a shore-side pylon!). She was finally stricken in 1973.


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lypf017, fred henderson: Thanks for that, I've edited the title and number.

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