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Freedom of the Seas

Freedom of the Seas

The arrow points to the tug?!. David

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Nice comment David! It is of course an indication of one of the hard points in the shell plating where a tug can safely push against the huge weight of the ship. Usually it is a box, rather than a single point, but with bow thrusters and Azipod propulsion she will rarely need major tug assistance.
You have also caught the Plimsol markings. The letters on the Plimsol line indicate the classification society. I cannot make them out on my screen, but it presumably Norwegian. The horizontal line above the Plimsol symbol is the deck line. This is an external indication of the level of a reference deck used to check the Plimsol mark. This is normally at the weather deck, but where the distance between the mark is impractically great (as in this case) another deck is used.


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