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General de Sonis

General de Sonis

A three-masted barque, built in 1901 at Shipyard Nantais, Nantes, France.
(Yard nr.: 22) (2307 GRT)
Dec. 1901 " Launched for Cie. Francaise de Navigation, Nantes, France.
1904 : Sold/Transfered to Soc. Nouvelle d'Armement, Nantes, France.
1932 : Broken up

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I think the photograph was taken from a tug that has given her good "offing," the four men in her rigging now letting her sails loose.

Her builders, Les Chantiers Nantais de Constructions Maritimes at Chantenay sur Loire existed for only 23 months, and in that time built 30 sailers to exactly the same plan.

She was, btw, involved in a bit of English heroism under WW1. She was under tow by South Shields tug Homer in the English channel on April 8 1915, when ordered to stop by U-32. Capt. H. Gibson of the Homer slipped the towing hawser and in a hail of bullets headed straight for the sub, aiming to ram her. He missed the sub, but the French windship managed to put on sail and escape, as did the tug.
The U-boat fired a torpedo at the tug that missed, and chased Homer for 10 min before giving up, the tug putting into St Helens Roads. The wheelhouse on Homer was smashed, but the crew was unharmed.

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