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Another view of Augustus
Sister of Gui/io Cesare. Builk for ITALIA di Navigazione S.p.A. 1952. T 27,090g, 14,608n.
1951 Nov 19: Launehed. 1952 Mar 4: Maiden voyage Genoa-River Plate.
1957 Jan: Plaeed on the Genoa-New York serviee.
1961 Oet: Reverted to the South Ameriean route.
1976 Jan 15: Laid up at Naples. Sept: Beeame Great Sea ofGreat Shipping Investments Ltd., Hong Kong. Plain red funnel. Laid up in Hong Kong harbour.
1977 Sent to Keelung, Taiwan, for a refit then baek into lay up.
1978 July: Made one voyage Hong Kong-Keeling-Kaohsiung-Hong Kong. Laid up.
1979 Sept 3: Hit by the 41,000 grt tanker Da Qing 252 (COSCO Guangzhou)
Over 54 ships had Da Qing followed by a numerai but most were renamed.
1980 Beeame Ocean King ofthe Oeean King Navigation Corp., Monrovia. In lay up.
1982 Transferred to the Philippines flag. Moved to Manilla. Laid up. R/n Philippines. 1985 R/n President by her owners and, Oet, moved baek to Hong Kong. Laid up. 19870et: Left for Keelung. There r/n Asian Princess by Philtrust Finanee Ltd. Manilla. 1988 Nov: Aeeommodation damaged by fire. Moved to Kaohsiung. Laid up.
1994 Sold to the Philippine Passeneger Lines Ine, Manila. But still at Kaohsiung.
1996 Reported under eonversion into a 1,250 berth emise liner for South East Asia.
1998 June: Stilliaid up in Manilla Roads.
2000 Listed for dry doeking prior to eonversion. But no sign of aetivity.
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