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Gjertrud Bakke, X-mas eve

Gjertrud Bakke, X-mas eve

We where leaving HongKong x-mas eve 1957 when one of the auxiliary diesels "exploded" and it was nessesary to changes 2 pistons. The 1:st eng., me and my buddy, Modal, worked for 30 houers. When work finished, and the diesel was running again, the 1:st eng. invited us for a coupple of wiskeys, or was it five, and beer. The cook took the picture on our way aft.
We both signed off in San fransisco, I saw him (Modal) in the Skandinavian Shippingoffice and the bars many times. We got different ships and I never saw him again. Sure would hear from him! I think he came from Tromsö..

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Happy boys after a difficult job , now looking forward to a welcome few halves

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Good picture and explanation, at first I thought you had been sweeping the 'chimney' ready for Santa

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