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Built: 1924 Harland and Wolff, Govan
Laid down as Inveric
Tonnage: 5,150grt
Owners: Bank Line Ltd
1959: Broken up, Hong Kong.

Bank Line ships 1953 to 1968, Apprentice to Master
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The "Glenbank" was the second of 18 twin-screw motorships built and engined by Harland & Wolff at Govan, Glasgow between 1924 and 1926. The photograph shows quite clearly the deck amenity houses on the foredeck abreast the formast. On the starboard side can be seen the two galley chimneys from the deck and engineroon ratings' galleys and on the port side were the washrooms for these ratings who were housed in the forward end of the ship without benefit of a raised forecastle. The built-up or girder derricks are noticible. The lower bridge deck is open although some of this class had window screens perhaps installed by some future and talented carpenter on board.

The fact that she was laid down as the "Inveric" was perhaps it was still not decided at this stage whether to revive the "-bank" suffix but instead to go with an "Inver-" prefix as was eventually done with the tanker fleet. This is a fascinating glimpse of "naming game" that was in the owner's mind at the time. After all, the steamers had recently been "-erics" and "Glenbank"s immediate sister was "Inverbank" so the direction to go was wide open. Also for consideration was the fact that three single-screw motorships with passenger accommodation had just recently been delivered, also by Harland's Govan as the "Luxmi", "Gujarat" and "Kathiawar". Would the Bank name ever be revived?

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