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A 5851 ton steam merchant completed for Common Brothers Ltd., Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1929 by Short Bros. Ltd., Pallion, Sunderland.
On 23 November 1942 she was sailing as part of Convoy QP-15 on voyage Archangel-Loch Ewe-Manchester in ballast and under the command of Master William Thomson. At 00.56 hours she was west of Bear Island when she was torpedoed by U-625. She sank at 01.45 hours after being hit by a coup-de-grace at 01.18 hours. All of her 42 officers and crew were lost. The chances of surviving in those waters at that time of year were minimal.
U-625 did not survive the war as she was sunk on 10 March 1944 west of Ireland by depth charges from a Canadian Sunderland aircraft. All of her crew of 53 were lost in the attack.
Her commander at the time of the Goolistan sinking was Hans Benker. He was drowned on 2 January 1944 by accident when the U-boat was making an emergency dive to escape an aircraft attack. Her commander was caught on the bridge as his boat submerged.

Photograph belongs to Stuart Smith
Photographer unknown.
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