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Gravesend  - Princess Pocahontas

Gravesend - Princess Pocahontas

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Princess Pocahontas was born in 1595 in Virginia.
Her father was Powhattan and he ruled over 40 tribes.
Captain John Smith a settler was caught on Powhattan's land
and condemned to death but Pocahontas threw herself between
the Captain and his executioners and Powhattan was forced to
let him live.
As Pocahontas grew up she mixed with the settlers and later
married John Rolfe in 1614. 1616 she had a son Thomas and in
the same year the Rolfe family came to England and Pocahontas
was received with wonder and excitement.
Poacahontas stayed in London for a year then came to Gravesend
to join a ship sailing for Virginia...she became seriously ill before sailing
and died here.
She was buried at St George's but in 1727 a fire destroyed the original
church and to this day nobody has found where her body lies.
Many Americans make a pilgrimage to Gravesend.
So Tony, there is a bit of local history for you.

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Thank You again for that Stan. I suppose it was inevitable that that poor woman would fall prey to an English disease which is no doubt what happened. Did John Rolfe ever go back to Virginia? probably more than His life's worth.

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I thought she was buried somewhere near Eltham, (near what was the Yorkshire Grey), on the South Circular.

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