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Great Italian Sailing Ships

Great Italian Sailing Ships

Paolina. In the beginning of 1900.
Built at 1898 in the shipyard Terrizzano of Oneglia; shipowners Armatori Fratelli Giovanni, Raffaele, Emanuele e Leonardo Parodi of Porto Maurizio.
Wooden barque, tonnage 1.098 tons.
In 1914 dismasted fron an hurricane, was pulled down at Bahia.

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Double channels, built masts - looks like an American Down Easter built a bit earlier here. The ship's architect once worked in the USA perhaps?
Interesting the holes in the sails, the theory first put forth by an Italian shipmaster in the eighties was that dead air in the belly of the sail acted as a buffer and so was detrimental to the sail's effect. Since modern racing yachts has not adopted it, it probably was a theory built on thin air? Regards, Stein.

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Francesco Terrizzano the architect, worked only at Oneglia, at first with the brother Agostino and then alone in an own shipyard.
No totices about its wotk an America.
Friendly, Relampago

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