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Great Italian Sailing Ships

Great Italian Sailing Ships

Cavaliere Ciampa.
Built in 1890 in the Shipyard Ansaldo of Sestri Ponente. Shipowner Francesco Saverio Ciampa.
Full rigged steel ship, lenght m. 73,20, width m. 11,95. tonnage 2.600 tons.
Lost at Iquique 21/6/1911

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The lowering spanker gaff is unusual, it would be a standing one in a Northern European built one at this time (I note that the Regina Elena, of which a picture was recently posted, also has a lowering one). It is also short, while the signal gaff at the mizzen topmast cap is long.
Worth noting are the upper topsail yards hoisted halfway up on the topmasts. This was done to enhance the ship's looks when in port, and was usual when double topsails was a new invention. With the fore and main upper topgallants lowered down on top of the lowers, it looks a bit odd.
Her loss is slightly puzzling as Miramar has it as happening while the ship was loading, she must have been a victim of one of those Chilean "Northers" which destroyed so many ships at anchor there.
Miramar and others have her year of build as 1889
Here's two more pictures:
Regards, Stein.

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