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H.M.S.Centaur off Gibraltar 1962

H.M.S.Centaur off Gibraltar 1962

I've been browsing through the site and have yet to come across any photographs of H.M.S.Centaur,so here goes.Centaur sailing off Gibraltar in 1962 before or after a three week refit in dry dock at Gibraltar.Anyone out there on board at the time.Three more photographs to follow,one coming alongside,and two in the dock.We were in Gibraltar for six weeks working tropical routine(0700-1300) More time spent on the beach and in the nightclub,The Winter Gardens, I think it was called, watching the belly dancers than time spent on board.Probably the best six weeks of my naval career.Anyway,hope there is someone out there who was on board and remembers this wonderful experience.
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I was on that commision (Stoker),remember I was luck enough to be part of the MFV 4? days Station leave across to Tangiers. The one and only time I was sea sick, I was duty chef. needless to say I wes back to the Donkey after this short galley excerise. Remember a great run ashore for all concerned.
Same commission remember Mombassa?

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