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Helga Bolten

Helga Bolten

October 31, 1956. The Helga Bolten of Hamburg being taken in tow by a Smit tug off Newfoundland. She was successfully towed to Fayal in the Azores. The crew of 32 men and one woman R/O had earlier been taken off by US Coastguard cutter Chinoteague.
Her trouble began as heavy seas stove in her fore

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Completed as the EMPIRE ROSEALIND and managed by W Runciman & Co. Sold to mgrs in 1949 and renamed ROSEMORE.

1952 sold to Willy Schlieker & Co and renamed HELGA.
1956 sold and renamed HELGA BOLTEN
1959 sold to Krupp-Seeschiffahrt and renamed SOLLINGEN
1960 sold to Overseas Shipping Co S.A. and renamed MAR FELIZ.
grounded Strat Kidiang Sept 1960 and sustained bottom damage,
considered CTL, sold Hong Kong breakers Oct 1960

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Thanks Tom. It would be interesting to know if they made any change to her hatches. I have experienced hatch-problems in heavy weather too. This had originated in a heavy oil that produced a lot of sparks, some of which set fire to some wooden hatch covers one night. Before Chips could produce enough replacements we ran into heavy weather, and we had to make some makeshift repair-work on number one with the foredeck often filled with water. At age seventeen terribly exciting of course, but looking at the above, one realizes why the officers were less than thrilled. Stein

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