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1940 M.3443, 1941 M.3483, 194x MRS.12, 1948 LEO III, 1977 RISICO, 1981 HERMES

Registered: (NLD)brand: 799 B 's Hage 1947 /(NLD)IVR 30.10799
displ.17,49t, L18,30m, B4,75m, D1,94m
1 scr, diesel Brons, 150bhp
re-engined 19xx diesel MWM (nr.181477)
re-engined 1963 diesel 6cyl ABC (nr.10066) type 6.MDXS, 630bhp-463kW @750rpm

1940: Built by "Werf Voorwaarts - Theun Van Den Beldt" at West Graftdijk (NLD) (YN 329)
1940: completed for??
1940 -15/10: requisitioned by the German Kriegsmarine as 'Vorpostenboot', renamed M.3443
1941 -11/06: renamed M.3483
194x: renamed MRS.12
1947 -02/12: To the Dutch Government (Min. van Financiën, Bureau Ooorlogsbuit)
(NLD flag, brand: 799 B 's Hage 1947)
1948 -03/08: To Lieuwe van den Veen at Amsterdam (NLD), renamed LEO III
1953 -13/04: To Leo van den Veen at Harderwijk (NLD)
1963: re-engined diesel 6cyl ABC (nr.10066) type 6.MDXS, 630bhp-463kW @750rpm
1973 -11/12: To T.M. Reinarz at Rotterdam (NLD)
1977 -08/03: To A. Booij at Papendrecht (NLD), renamed RISICO
1981 -14/10: To H. Buitenkamp at Haren (NLD), renamed HERMES
(NLD flag, IVR 30.10799)
1997 -06/11: transferred to "H. Buitenkamp BV" at Harkstede (NLD)
2005 -19/09: To W.H.A. Vreke at Driewegen (NLD)
2006: still in service
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