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Hilary 1931 in original livery, at L'pool -.png

Hilary 1931 in original livery, at L'pool -.png

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What makes you think it is Liverpool, Harry!!! Ha ha ha!
As a lad, I always knew the Liver Building as black. When they sand blasted it in the 80's, it was a shock to see the original colour. The first building incorporating "skyscraper" construction methods in Britain. However, the first fireproof office block in Britain is on Bond Street, almost in front of the bank.

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Booth LIne "Hilary" (1931; 7,403 grt) pass/cargo steamer. Pass.: 80(1st), 250 (3rd), 14knots. Liverpool, Leixoes, Lisbon, Madeira, Para, Manaus ("1000 miles up the Amazon" cruise). In service till 1959.

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IMO/ID 1162350 , Dead.
Ship Type : Passenger / General Cargo Ship / 80 1st and 250 3rd Class passengers.
Dim : Lpp x Beam - 129.3 x 17.1 mtr.
Built 1931/o4 by Cammell Laird (Shipbuilding & Engineering) Co. Ltd., Birkenhead United Kingdom as " HILARY " for Booth Steamship Co. Ltd Liverpool United Kingdom.

Tonnage : grt / nrt / tdw - 7,403 / 4,350 /
Machinery ; Triple expansion 3-cyl. Steam engine and LP turbine with direct gearing and hydraulic coupling by Cammell Laird (Shipbuilding & Engineering) Co. Ltd. Birkenhead United Kingdom.

1940/10 Requistioned by the admirality as a Ocean Boarding Vessel (pennant No. F22) and sent to South Shields for conversion and fitted with 2 x 6in guns, 1 x 12 pounder AA, 4 x 303mm AA .
1941/01 as " HMS Hilary " for use in the North Atlantic.
1941/05 Stopped the Italian tanker "Recco " 350 miles north of the Azores. But crew scuttled their ship.
1941/05 Intercepted and captured the cargo vessel "Gianna M" of Cia Italiana Transporto Olii Minerali, Genoa. A prize crew took ship to Belfast Northern Ireland United Kingdom.

1942/04 Paid off and returned to MoWT director (Booth SS Co. Ltd., managers), and used in the North Atlantic as a convoy commodore ship.
1942/10 Pursued by two U-boats, and torpedoed amidships, the torpedo did not detonate.
1943 For a second time as "HMS Hilary", and converted at Birkenhead into an Infantry Landing Ship (Headquarters) with the addition of 6 assault craft and accommodation for 313 crew and 378 troops.
1943/07 Employed as Headquarters Ship by Rear Admiral Sir Philip Vians during Operation Husky, the Allied invasion of Sicily, and carried the 1st Canadian Division and No.2 R. Marine commandos to the island.
1943/09 Used by Flag Commodore G N Olivers (North Atlantic Force) as his headquarters for the Allied invasion of Salerno Italy.
1943/12 Returned to United Kingdom and based at Portsmouth.
1944/05 Operation Neptune, at 19.25 left the Spithead Gate, having embarked troops while at anchor (Anchorage 19W/2) by tender from Southampton United Kingdom.
1944/06 As Headquarters Ship for Force �J� Commodore Olivier, and lead ship for Assault Convoy J11 arrived off Juno to disembark her troops.
1944/06 Slightly damaged by a bomb near miss.
1944/06 Became Rear Admiral Vians Flagship, Eastern Task Force. His previous Flagship HMS Scylla was badly damaged by a mine.
1945 Sent to Cammell Laird, Birkenhead United Kingdom for post-war reconditioning.
1946/06 Returned to Owner and to South American Service with accommodation altered for 93 1st and 138 3rd Class passengers.
1956 Refurbished at Antwerp to allow her to carry 86 first class and 122 tourist class passengers.

15/09/1959 at Inverkeithing, Scotland to be broken up by T W Ward Ltd.


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